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Snow Bengals have actually been readily available in a selection of tones acquired from a type of albinism, called “snow” by pet cat breeders, that recommends Siamese and Burmese beginnings.  When we review the “Snow” Bengal Cats, we are really explaining 3 CHROMOSOMAL VARIATIONS … The Seal Lynx, Seal Mink as well as Seal Sepia.


Sepias, as well as Minks, are thought about genetically various from each various other, along with from Lynx factors; consequently, each sort of snow is of snow is classified as a diverse classification within the Bengal kind itself.  This is taking into account that the Mink has to get a replicate of each of the lynx point/color variable and the Burmese/Sepia genes.  The Sepia needs to get 2 matches of the Burmese/Sepia genes, while the Lynx aspect obtains 2 matches of the Lynx point/color aspect genes.

Seal Lynx

The Seal Lynx hue originates from an outcross to Siamese.  Lynx kitties have normally birthed entirely white as well as their pattern materializes with age.  While the Lynx could frequently be considered the snow with the least quantity of comparison, this is not constantly the instance. The Seal Lynx is the only Bengals with blue eyes.  The hue on the points of the Bengal (like the Siamese pattern) is reflected as unwanted in the Bengal criterion.

Seal Mink

The Seal Mink tinting occurs when the baby cat has one Seal Lynx genes in addition to one Seal Sepia genes.  Minks are born with a noticeable pattern.  While their eyes are generally an aqua green, they can be gold.  Eye hue needs to not be utilized to establish layer hue.  Because a Mink needs to have both the Lynx and also the Sepia genetics, a brownish feline could not bring for the Mink genetics.  If you are informed that a brown brings for Mink, you are dealing with an individual that does not have a clear understanding of snow genes.

Seal Sepia

The Seal Sepia shade originates from an outcross to Burmese.  Seal Sepia kitty cats are born with a noticeable pattern, as well as their eyes could vary from green to gold.  While they were initially believed to have the very best comparison, all the snows, if reproduced well, could cause excellent comparison.  I favor Seal Sepias over Mink as well as Lynx; nevertheless, my choice isn’t really as a result of the shade itself.  The Burmese have a smaller sized, rounder ear which is better in the Bengal requirement; whereas, the Siamese, which provided us the Lynx, has a larger, triangular ear.  Those architectural effects still exist in the kind although that we have actually not outcrossed to these felines for several years.


Bengals are hectic naturally.  They are really caring and also an energetic pet cat, they like to play, go after, climb up and also check out.  They’ll often preserve the cuddle time for when they desire to relax. Every one of our Bengals that we reproduce at Bengal Babies delight in water so do not be amazed if you see them in bathroom water or the kitty in dishwater.  Bengal Cats are additionally really smart.  They could lead themselves out of hurdles you may put in their way.  They will find their way around or through them.  And it is quite funny to see how they maneuver themselves.  Bengals are usually fearless, curious as well as devoted buddies.

Some Bengals are extremely vocal while others are a great deal a lot more, quiet as well as critical when it concerns using their voice.  Bengals will absolutely similarly, all at once, ALWAYS plan to be where you are when given the choice between a toy that does nothing, and one that does wild, unpredictable things, Bengals will definitely regularly choose the “wild” one!


At Bengal Babies of Phoenix, our Snow Bengals are medium to big felines, from 6-15 extra pounds, with our studs normally being larger than our queens.  A fit and also positioned Bengal is well muscled and looks that represents its athleticism.  Our Bengals are healthy felines and also none of their physical functions show up decorated or particularly popular.


The cost of a Bengal pet cat depends upon a minimum of 2 points:

1) The cat breeder you are obtaining your feline from

2) The sort of pet cat you are obtaining

Take into consideration the very first factor.  There are various sorts of cat breeders you could obtain your Snow Bengal from.  The very first one is an expert cat breeder, such as Bengal Babies of Phoenix and also the 2nd is an amateur.  Undoubtedly you cannot anticipate to pay the exact same cost for your Bengal pet cat if you are getting it from an amateur cat breeder and also if you are getting it from a trusted cat breeder.  The rate for a Bengal kitty cat from a trustworthy cat breeder will certainly be greater in expense.  The novices could offer you a Bengal for reduced however you need to think of the type of quality you will be acquiring.  Bengal Babies of Phoenix is a proficient and also leading Bengal Cat breeder that constantly ensure the credibility of their Bengal Cats’ origins and also ancestry.

One more element that impacts the cost of Bengal cats is their kind.  Once again you could acquire your Bengal feline from an amateur where the prices will certainly be less than if you acquire your Bengal Cat from Bengal Babies of Phoenix, a trustworthy cattery cat breeder yet consider top quality.  The pet cats you could acquire from an amateur are exceptional family pet Snow Bengals they are not fit for reproducing either since they have some abnormalities in shade or due to various other small flaws that do not influence their health and wellness in any type of means.

Proprietors of Bengal Babies of Phoenix have actually been reproducing Bengal Cats as a pastime given that 2013.  They take satisfaction in their Bengal Empire and also given that very early 2017, Evelyn has actually been thoroughly putting their caring kitty cats with family members that make her kitty cats a part of their household.

Please do not hesitate to call us at any moment.  We invite any type of and all concerns you might have regarding our Bengal cats and also kitties.  You could send us an e-mail at [email protected] as well as inform us just what you’re seeking.

Bengal Cats Color Variations as well as Their Distinctive Body Marking

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